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The "SPA hand-crafted" Body treatment with 3 Essences:

The energy of essential oilsand the technical aspect of massage:

For 20 wonderful minutes, your beauty therapist will introduce you to all the benefits of a massage with essential oils. This treatment will be personalised in accordance with  your needs. If you desire the contouring action, the Slimming Anti-Cellulite Essences will be used to perform deep kneading, palpating-rolling type movements...to work on the unsightly localised appearance of orange peel skin.

Water retention will be reduced by draining techniques with the Draining Circulation Boosting Essences, perfect for eliminating toxins. And with the Sooting De-stressing Essences, the relaxing movements will loosen tensions, both physically and mentally.

Slimming           Circulation boosting          De-Stressing