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The "SPA hand-crafted" Body treatment with 3 Essences:

Treatment Procedure - 1 Hour

Welcome massage and beauty diagnosis.

Preparing the skin.

The beauty therapist will perform an enzyme exfoliation over the whole body using the lotion with Papaya Extract, in order to gently eliminate the dead cells.  She finishes by applying the Booster Essences Cream to enhance the penetration, diffusion and activation of the skin care products applied afterwards.

Specific massage with essential oils.

The beauty therapist selects one or more Essences to suit your needs and proceeds with a massage for 20 minutes with targeted techniques: slimming, draining, firming.  The sense of relaxation is total.

Complete body wrapping.

The beauty therapist applies the Essences Body Mask all over the body.  For 20  minutes (mask application time), you feel incredibly relaxed.

The beautician finishes by applying a skin care product recommended for home use,  to continue the treatments results..